Wednesday, January 9, 2019

How To Setup Custom Domain on Blogger

How To Setup Custom Domain on Blogger

It is highly important that you have a own domain associated with your blog instead of the free sub-domain of your platform and Bloggers allows you to link your custom domain for free unlike all other portals. Here I have listed the step by step process to setup custom domain on Blogger.

1. Login to your bloggers account and navigate to Settings >> Basics and scroll down to the Publishing section

Publishing the Blog Address on Blogger

2. In case you have not yet purchased a meaningful custom domain for your blog then you can click on Buy a domain button or else you are good to go through, so click on +Set up a third party URL for your blog

3. Enter your domain in the space provided and click on Save button which brings up addition details which are required to actually authorize you as the owner of the domain provided.

Setting up custom domain in Blogger

4. Here the CNAMEs are provided which you will have to link on the website of the registrar from which you purchased your domain.

5. Login in to your domain provider account and head over to the DNS section of the domain you are using. Here I am using GoDaddy for an example.

Manage DNS in Domain Provider
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6. Click on the ADD button at the bottom right corner and select Type as CNAME form the dropdown. Enter the value of Host and Points to as shown on your blogger dashboard.

Add New Values to DNS Host

7. Repeat the above step for the second value shown on your blogger dashboard as well and save the changes.

8. Wait for few minutes and head over to your bloggers dashboard and click Save button again. And there it is you have now successfully authorized yourself as the owner of the custom domain and linked your blog to that domain.

One more important step is remaining which is to make sure your custom domain works with or without www attached to it. For this head over back to your domain provider and scroll down to the Forwarding section.
Forwarding your custom domain
Click on Add adjacent to the Domain. In the Forward To section enter you domain name with www. before it and click on Save button.
Forwarding your custom domain to www

You have now successfully completed the entire process to setup custom domain on blogger. Try entering the same in browser and you will redirected to you original bloggers blog. Once you are done with this you will most likely have to take care of the basic SEO settings which are really useful for getting that traffic from google to your blog.

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In case you face any issues feel free to comment and I will be happy to help.

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