Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Must Have Apps in Smartphones [India]

There are millions of apps on both Google Play and the App Store but not all are useful for everyone in their day to day lives. Here I have curated a list of must have apps in smartphones specially for people living in India.
Must Have Apps

Google Suite:

Yes, most of the phones come pre-installed with the google apps but still if you are using an iPhone you would have to go and separately get few of them. Chrome, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Drive, Youtube and Keep are the must have apps on the phone and I don't think I need to mention their benefits. You just need to have them plain and simple.


Paytm has grown to be the most widely used wallet service in India. Paytm has efficiently decreased the need to carry change and specially cash which is revolutionary in Indian scenario. The app provides great user experience and the benefits are numerous. Definitely , Paytm Karo!


It’s a proven fact that Indians are crazy about sports specially cricket and football. Assuming you would like to track it on the go, Cricbuzz and Goal are the best options available by far.


Again, there are tons of instant messaging apps available, but the user base of WhatsApp is still the highest. WhatsApp has crossed all boundaries in order to make chatting easier like never before. Sense its popularity, earlier we used to say "send me a SMS" but now it has changed to "WhatsApp me".


One of the most useful apps available out there. The options to scan document and share them in desired format along with accessibility across all platforms make it a must have.

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Snapseed/PS Express:

These two by far are the best photo editing apps out there. With proper time and efforts you would be surprised with the output you can generate through these apps.


With great offers and cashback program Ixigo is one of the best options to book your travel itinerary. With over 100 million download this again is a must have.


Eating again is a thing Indians love and with Zomato finding places for us has never been easier. I myself never go to a restaurant without checking their ratings and reviews on the app. Also recently I have started ordering food much more from Zomoto compared to the other platforms. Moreover, they offer great discounts
throughout the year.


Again a must have shopping app on your phone. I end up ordering even small day to day items from here, thanks to their prompt delivery. And if you get their prime subscription then it has much more to offer with quicker deliveries, early access, discounts etc along with their streaming services, the Amazon Prime and Amazon Music app. Both of them offer remarkable content.


Most often when you search something on internet you end up on Wikipedia reading about it. The app offers great experience and readability and for sure should be there on your device.


No need to mention anything about it. It is easily the most used media player on desktop/ laptops and same goes for the phones. These are even more useful for iPhone users as video syncing is easier with it.


A market leader in it’s domain, BookMyShow is the most likely the platform you are going to use for booking events and movie tickets and hence having its app installed will always be efficient.

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