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Features You Miss After Moving From Android to iOS

Features You Miss After Moving From Android to iOS

Planning to switch from Android to iOS device ? If yes, then you have just reached the right place which will surely help you in deciding if you should move from Android to iOS.

There might never be a clear winner in the race of Android vs iOS but that doesn't have any effect on their fan bases and users and this article is not intended to put a bad name for iOS or the iPhone's on the whole but it's to point out things which a long time Android user might miss when they initially move to an iOS device. 

I started using Android back in 2011 with the Samsung Galaxy Pop, followed by the Asus Zenfone 4, and then the OnePlus X and recently i switched to iOS with the iPhone 7. Here I am consolidating a list of the things all users in general might miss but for me there are only 3 things which i hope Apple solves as soon as possible.

Dual SIM Support 

Most of us in India usually use two SIM cards and this is the worst problem for iPhone users. You will find most of them carrying two phones with them which was never a problem with Android.

Expandable Storage

With Android even if you buy a 16 GB device there is always an option to expand via microSD card and also the price difference between two variants is not that big while with iOS you won't get an option to expand memory and you will have to pay nearly 10k extra in order to get double the storage initially.


Customization is just not an iOS thing(Control Center customization does not count). You cannot have themes, launchers, icon packs etc in iOS and this might be a huge bumper for many who regularly change the look and feel of their devices. 

Third Party Apps and App Stores

Android allows installation of apps from sources other than the Play Store and even there are various other stores like the AC Market, Amazon App Store etc which offer apps that can be very useful at times but with iOS that cannot be the case.

File Manager 

This is the biggest drawback I have faced till date in the iOS. A proper file manager which allows me to access each and every type of file available in my device is such a boost. Yes, with iOS 11 a file manager has been added but it only browses through iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox etc and not the phone storage itself.

Call Recording 

Most of the android phones allow call recording feature in built or integrated with the dialer itself and if they not, there are tons of apps to achieve the same. Although there are apps in iOS as well which solve these problem but most of them are paid and the task is not that easy. Call recording not being legal in many places is the reason behind the same

Default Apps

In android you can choose the apps which you want by default to open certain kinds of files etc but the same cannot be done in iOS

Cache Cleaning

In android one can easily free up internal storage by deleting the cache of most of the applications but in iOS to do the same the only way is only delete the application and install it again.

Keep in mind these points in case you are planning to move from Android to Apple in the near future but for sure don't judge iOS based upon only these facts. Once you start using iOS, it's elegance, smoothness and effectiveness can easily blow your mind. 

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  2. Great artical, I unfortunately had some problems printing this artcle out, The print formating looks a little screwed over, something you might want to look into.