Friday, January 11, 2019

How To Add Google Analytics to Blogger

Add Google Analytics to Blogger

Although not necessary but it highly recommended that you Add Google Analytics to Blogger blog or any other website. Google Analytics is free web analytics tool offered by Google which can help you track each and everything related to you website including, visitors, their locations, devices, demographics, session duration, traffic sources and much more. Follow the steps below to easily add Google Analytics to Blogger.

1. Head over to the Google Analytics homepage and login using the Google account.

2. Scroll down and click on Admin from the left side panel

Move to Admin Section to Create Account

3. Click on Create Account and enter details like Website's name, URL etc

Create Account for you Blogger

4. Select all the check boxes and click on Get Tracking ID

Generate Tracking ID on Google Analytics

5. Copy the Tracking Code and head over to your Bloggers account

Copy Tracking Code

6. Login into your Bloggers dashboard and click on Theme and then Edit HTML

Paste The Tracking Code to Blogger

7. Paste the copied tracking code just below the "<head>" tag and save you theme to add Google Analytics to Blogger 

Have any doubts ? Feel free to comment and we will be happy to help !!!

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